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Pre-Order: Expected arrival date ~End of Sept/2020

The Professionally Endorsed「Deep Poration」Technology

By pushing electro-wave beauty therapies to its limits, we have developed the worldʼ s most advanced form of skincare known as 「deep poration」which utilises Variable Electro Complex Hertz (VECH) to deliver beauty ingredients deep into the skin, therefore maximizing all skin care benefits in a minimal amount of time.


Induction : Nutrient rich beauty enhancing compounds are delivered deep into the skin via the precise control of various high frequency waves. This state of the art skincare technology provides never before seen results by allowing the beauty ingredients to easily permeate skin cell walls, therefore amplifying all the benefits from applied serums and gels. 

Activation : Through the use of four unique types of high frequency waves, skin cells are stimulated in order to boost cell activity. Professional grade frequency output quickly revives tired and weak facial muscles. Increased skin elasticity, firmness and an overall facial uplift are only some of the benefits that can be gained through stimulated cell activity.

Warmth : Ultrafine frequency waves generate a warming sensation on the skin as it delves deep below the skinʼ s surface to provide benefits on a microvascular level. Increasing blood circulation and lymphatic circulation brightens and enhances the skin, creating an overall healthy complexion. 

Variable Electro Complex Hertz “VECH”

LUXCEAR Visage incorporates the benefits from induction, activation and warmth all at once. In order to generate four types of frequencies simultaneously in just 1/220 of a second, a high performance dual core CPU operating on the cutting-edge software has been built in to successfully deliver emitted frequencies to the skin.

Highly Conductive Titanium Probe The dual heads are composed of both copper alloy and titanium. 
- Highly conductive environment
- Resistant to deterioration from long term use
- Hypo-allergenic, making it safe for people of all skin types

Ergonomic Design

Featuring a twenty degree angle incline, the face head can effortlessly glide across the cheeks and along the jaw line without tiring out your hands or wrist.

Genosign Micro Stem Gel included.

Made in Japan.


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    THE MAKEUP ROOM 1-ON-1 Makeup Workshop