Pure Olive Squalene Essence


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Japan's first skincare line that has ECOCERT® qualification -- one of the world's most respected international certifications of organic products; that is specialized in anti-aging and protect skin from toxic substances we occur everyday.

Naturally, our skin sebum contains 12% of squalene. What it does is to keep our skin moisturize and protected. As we age, the amount of squalene will decrease causing skin to easily loose moisture and firmness.

Pure Olive Squalene Essence is something that is very close to our skin's natural squalene. It is easily absorb into skin, non greasy and will not oxidize. This is such a valuable ingredient as each olive only contains 0.14% of squalene.

Pure Olive Squalene Essence has a lot of benefit to our skin:

  • Hydration
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-oxident
  • Skin Cell Rejuvenation
  • UV barrier

Best to use after cleansing at night.

Suitable for all skin type.


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